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Accountant: 7 tips for finding clients

Accountant: 7 tips for finding clients

How to find clients when you are an accountant?

Accountants advise business leaders, but they are also entrepreneurs like any other. As such, they must guarantee the sustainability of their activity and therefore find customers and retain them. However, finding these famous clients can seem complicated, especially for newly graduated accountants who have to prove themselves.


Here are 7 practical tips to help you build or consolidate your professional clientele.


Create a website for your accounting activity

Your website is the showcase of your accounting firm on the web. Today it is essential to appear in the first results on Google when an Internet user corresponding to your target, or a potential client, does a search for accounting expertise.


Also, the creation of your website should not be taken lightly, it must be ergonomic, meet web standards, be responsive, but also reflect your image, your values and highlight your areas of expertise.


Activate your Google My Business account

Remember to configure your Google My Business profile with your address, opening hours, website, etc. This file will allow an Internet user located in the same city as you to find you easily thanks to a geolocated search on the query "accountant".


Geolocation is essential to improve the relevance of Google results. In fact, a company looking for a service provider such as an accountant will consider geographic proximity in its choices. Geolocation is also becoming more and more important with the increasing use of smartphones to browse the web. The Internet user is therefore on the move and therefore expects to have geographically relevant results when making a Google request.


Pass an accounting software certification


Most accounting software (Quickbooks, Sage, Xero, FreeAgent, etc.) issue certifications allowing inclusion in a directory of accountants. Your future customers will be able to consult it and then contact you. This certification also shows your expertise in mastering recognized accounting software and certifies that you have initiated or completed the digital transition of your accounting firm.


Sit as a member of a committee of the British Chambers of Commerce

The British Chambers of Commerce offer a wide range of services for project leaders or companies in difficulty, during regular commissions. Participating in them gives you visibility and gives you the opportunity to monitor trends in your local economic environment.


Solicit recommendations

Satisfied customers are your brand's best ambassadors. Be proactive and ask them to recommend you on your site, your LinkedIn page, your Facebook page, your Google My Business listing, etc. Customer reviews are essential for generating and converting leads. They are the continuity of word of mouth on the web.


Consult the vacancies for a chartered accountant


Save alerts on your trades in your region, full time or part-time. Then contact the recruiters who match your type of clientele to offer them the choice of your services by presenting your service offering and the advantages of outsourcing this type of service rather than hiring an accountant.


Build up a network of qualified professionals in related fields


Your clients will surely need the services of a lawyer, insurance broker or investment advisor one day. If you have recognized professionals in business services in your network, talk to your clients. The members of your network will be grateful to you for this connection and will not fail to do the same for you. They will thus become business introducers for your accounting firm.

Thanks to this advice, you will find new clients both by increasing the visibility of your firm but also by adopting commercial prospecting reflexes. You will set up a communication strategy both in and offline that will allow you to communicate on your partner network and your level of expertise.

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