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 5 tips to choose the right accountant for your business

5 tips to choose the right accountant for your business

How to choose your accountant?

What are the
criteria to take into account to choose the right accountant, the one who will become your privileged advisor? Zoom in on the 5 rules to follow to find the ideal partner for your business

An accountant specializing in your industry

Accounting firms specialize in one or more business lines depending on their type of clientele and the nature of their business.

Choosing an accountant who knows your sector of activity allows him to immediately detect the consistency of your management ratios with those of the sector concerned. He knows the regulations, the specialized partners. They immediately know what your needs will be and what your daily accounting will be. If you work in a regulated or very specific profession (catering, building, etc.), it is essential that your accountant knows your field.

The business size of their clients

It is common for accounting firms to operate with the same type of clientele not only in terms of industry but also in terms of company size. Thus, some accountants specialize in very small businesses and SMEs, others in large companies, while some have a clientele of start-ups or freelancers.

Choosing an accounting firm that has a clientele of the same size as yours will not only allow you to be consistent with their rates, but above all, your expert will be used to the problems of companies of your size.

Services offered by the accounting firm

The job of the accountant is to record your transactions chronologically, to establish the annual accounts of the company, to carry out tax returns and accounting reviews. Make sure that it offers additional services that will be useful to you, such as payroll management, business start-up assistance or a legal secretary, for example.

It can also provide management dashboards adapted to your structure, assist you in the event of difficulties, transfer, succession or change of status. Beyond an accounting service provider, he can become a real tax and financial advisor, an essential partner of the business owner.

The geographical proximity of your accountant

Despite the new technologies that make it possible to exchange easily from a distance, in case of emergency or a specific need, it is often important to be able to meet your accountant face to face. It would then be a shame to waste precious time in transport. So prefer an accounting firm near you.

Accounting software and technology used by your accountant

More and more firms are working in a dematerialized manner thanks to exchange platforms accessible to the company manager and to software which allows them to gain in efficiency and to communicate to you useful elements for the management of your company, such as a report of his financial health, for example.

It would be a shame if your expert was still working "the old fashioned way" as this type of tool spreads. Familiarize yourself with the software used and also make sure that they are compatible with your IT equipment.

These 5 criteria, essential for the choice of the accountant, will never replace the relational. Your feelings remain the priority. After preselecting a few practices, do not hesitate to meet them one by one, often the first appointment is free. You can then make sure that you feel confident, that he is available and that he understands your needs as well as the problems of your sector.


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