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Income Tax Return


An income tax return is a declaration of a company’s income used to assess the company’s liability to taxation. Income tax returns are compulsory, even in the case of low revenue companies. As with all tax returns, it is advisable to consult a trusted accountant, especially if you’re a business owner. 


Welink Accountants offers you a great solution in terms of experience and expertise, and provides you with a list of trusted and qualified accountants who are consistently looking for the best solutions in their accounting and administrative roles. Our accountants use the data they have gathered and validated in order to assist you in the best possible way in your fiscal responsibility and to provide you with the security you and your business need. 


BKRM Nexus


BKRM Nexus has offered its expertise in the Dublin region since 1981. The approachable and friendly team at BKRM Nexus consists of experienced partners and young talent providing their clients with experience, energy and drive. 


If you seek services in the creation of balance sheets, payroll management, tax returns or bookkeeping, look no further! The competent accountants at BKRM Nexus are here to help you with all your accounting-related questions and worries! 


BKRM Nexus assists clients from a wide range of industries and is specialised in the sectors of hospitality, construction, small to medium-sized enterprises (SME), retail, the medical sector, and finance. 


Dunne Quinlan Accountants Limited


The team at Dunne Quinlan Accountants Limited has over 40 years of experience in accountancy, audit and business services. The firm was originally formed in 1973. Our principal, Mark Quinlan, joined in 1983, has been a partner since 1997 and principal since 2012.

At Dunne Quinlan Accountants Limited we provide a broad range of comprehensive financial services. These services range from annual accounting, payroll, bookkeeping; and tax returns to a more hands-on approach of budget and external auditing.

We work with a variety of different sized businesses from various industry sectors, as well as sole traders. Dunne Quinlan Accountants Limited also provides a more hands-on approach of mentoring startups and helping them begin their journey with a solid financial foundation.


F.D.C. and Associates Ltd


F.D.C. and Associates Ltd is an audit and accountancy firm located in Cork, Ireland. F.D.C. and Associates Ltd’s mission is to help you keep your financial affairs up to date so you always have the resources you need to achieve your most important business and personal goals (which is of particular importance in these difficult times).


Our team of accountants is all highly competent professionals providing proactive and quality advice. We specialise in income tax returns, payroll management and financial audits.


There are four core values that underpin the services delivered by F.D.C. and Associates Ltd:

Independence: As independent service providers, it is important that we provide advice without the constraint or influence of commercial partners.

Integrity: We value honesty, integrity and transparency in our staff and clients.

Integration: We offer the highest value to clients through the diversity of our expert team working together.

Innovation:  We provide innovative, flexible and practical solutions for all of our clients.

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