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interview of Bkrm Nexus

Interview with Declan L. FitzGerald, Chartered Accountant at BKRM Nexus

BKRM Nexus is an auditing and accounting firm located at 31, Deansgrange Road, Blackrock, Dublin, A94 A3E7, Ireland.


Offering their expertise in the Dublin region since 1981, the approachable and friendly team at BKRM Nexus consists of experienced partners and young talent providing their clients with experience, energy and drive.


If you seek services in the creation of balance sheets, payroll management, tax returns or bookkeeping, look no further! The competent accountants at BKRM Nexus are here to help you with all your accounting-related questions and worries!





  • Part 1: Presentation of Declan L. FitzGerald, Chartered Accountant at BKRM Nexus

  • Part 2: Description of career before working in accounting at BKRM Nexus

  • Part 3: Missions of the accounting profession

  • Part 4: Qualities & Skills of the accounting profession 

  • Part 5: Developments when you are an accountant 

  • Part 6 : Personal




Part 1: Presentation of Declan L. FitzGerald, Chartered Accountant at BKRM Nexus



1. Introduce yourself :


My name is Declan FitzGerald FCA and I have been a practicing Chartered Accountant since returning from Africa in 1992.


I qualified in 1982 and trained in Ireland with a firm who are now called Grant Thornton. I worked in the family construction business until 1986 and then worked in Africa initially for KPMG then the Lonrho Group and finally for Masstock PLC an international agricultural group. I left Africa after seven years and returned to Ireland to establish my own consultancy and accounting practice. My consultancy practice brought me to the former Soviet Union on an EU-Tacis program which lasted from 1993 to 2001. In 2003 I joined a three partner practice called BKRM. The practice rebranded as BKRM Nexus in 2016 after the passing of the founder partner. I became the sole owner of the business from that time onwards.


My daughter Ciara who has worked in the practice since 2017 as a fully qualified Chartered Accountant, Tax advisor and who is also now a senior director within the firm.


She will be appointed Managing Director with effect from the 1st January 2022. I will remain as a Director going forward



Part 2: Description of career before working in accounting at BKRM Nexus



2. How did you get to BKRM?


The BKRM practice itself started in 1982 with 3 partners and I joined in 2003 as a partner. However in 2008 one of the partners retired and the remaining founding partner died in 2016 upon which I became the principal partner.



3. How long have you been in this profession as ?


I've been working in the profession for about 38 years.



4. You seem to have a really interesting background in lots of different countries. Can you give us an overview?


Of course! I worked for KPMG in 1986-1990 in Zambia. Then after leaving practice I worked for an Irish Agri-Business in 1993. Upon coming back to Ireland after all my travels I started working for the EU consulting ex-Soviet satellite states with agricultural economic development. This work mainly consisted of advising farmers who were having to start running their own farms for the first time but it was a very interesting time in history to be part of!



Part 3: Missions of the accounting profession



5. In a nutshell can you describe your business to us?


We help businesses manage the key financial elements of their operations so they can focus solely on constructing a great enterprise with a robust financial backbone. 


After the business has flourished, we also can assist with the next stages should they want to sell their shares from finding investors to tax planning:


 In short we have the experience, the knowledge and the people to support your business from start-up to exiting their business .


We helped a major firm named Apache Pizza which now has 240 restaurants around Ireland with their business valuation and to find a buyer back in 2018. We handled all the tax planning issues for the company and personally for the shareholders in a tax efficient manner. The value of the sale was €17m



6. What is your role in BKRM Nexus?


Managing Director



7. What do you think are the positive aspects of your job as an accoutant?


Adding value to clients is a big thrill for us. Helping clients maximise tax savings and setting the right foundation for businesses growth. 



8. What are the main difficulties in your job as an accontant?


I would say that keeping up to date with regulation changes is one of the most time consuming but vital aspects of the job. 



Part 4: Qualities & Skills of the accounting profession 



9. How do you describe yourself in a professional context?


  • Credible
  • Experienced
  • Responsive



Part 5: Developments when you are an accountant 



10. How do you see the accounting industry changing in the next few years?


Automation of some of the more tedious aspects of our job will be a big step forward with the help of technology. Also I think with the changes to working dynamics with the global pandemic, we will also see more demand from employees to have flexibility in their work!



11. How could the new corporation tax law changes going to affect your business? 


It’s going to be a very interesting few years for Ireland considering the new Corporate Tax Rate which has been introduced by the G7. Perhaps some turbulence will come with the changes, but we’re there to steady the ship. 



Part 6 : Personal


  • Hobbies: Following Rugby, playing golf when I have a chance, walking and of course socialising with friends.


  • Travel: I love travelling around Europe, France, Italy, Russia and Africa.


  • Food: I like fish, a good steak with plenty of quality vegetables. I also loke all type of fruits and keep a very healthy life style

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