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Interview with Dunne Quinlan Accountants Limited

Interview with Mark Quinlan, Certified Accountants at Dunne Quinlan Accountants Limited

Dunne Quinlan Accountants Limited is a firm based in 4 Whitethorn Centre, Kilcoole, Greystones Co Wicklow, A63 Y208, he also have a second office at Office Suite 3, 1st Floor, Pugin Court, St Michael's Road, Gorey, Co Wexford Y25 P6K3.


The team at Dunne Quinlan Accountants Limited has over 40 years of experience in accountancy, audit and business services. The firm was originally formed in 1973. Our principal, Mark Quinlan, joined in 1983, has been a partner since 1997 and principal since 2012.


At Dunne Quinlan Accountants Limited they provide a broad range of comprehensive financial services. These services range from annual accounting, payroll, bookkeeping; and tax returns to a more hands on approach of budget and external auditing.





  • Part 1: Presentation of Mark Quinlan, Certified Accountant at Dunne Quinlan Accountants Limited

  • Part 2: Description of career before working in accounting at Dunne Quinlan Accountants Limited

  • Part 3: Missions of the accounting profession

  • Part 4: Qualities & Skills of the accounting profession 

  • Part 5: Developments when you are an accountant 

  • Part 6 : Personal



Part 1: Presentation of Mark Quinlan, Certified Accountant at Dunne Quinlan Accountants Limited



1. Introduce yourself: 


Mark Quilan, 55 years old, Certified Accountant, Dunne Quinlan Accountants Limited.



Part 2: Description of career before working in accounting at Dunne Quinlan Accountants Limited



2. What drove you to become an accountant?


It runs in the family! I used to help out my dad, another accountant, when I was younger and I was always good at and interested in maths, so it seemed like a very logical choice especially in the 1980’s when the economy was going through a rough patch and a job came up. I gave it a try instead of going to university, loved it and have been doing it ever since.



3. If you hadn't become an accountant what industry would you have considered joining?


Archaeology! I have always had an interest in history but didn’t think it would pay quite as well haha!



4. How did you join Dunne Quinlan Accountants Limited?


I’m a bit like a one-club football player as I’ve been in the same company since 1983 and have not moved since.



Part 3: Missions of the accounting profession



5. Introduce us to your profession of accountant and your company Dunne Quinlan Accountants Limited?


We're a smallish practice of about 10 staff, providing accounting and tax related services to individuals and companies; we help set up businesses as they’re getting started but we have a lot of experience with larger firms who will need a variety of services from Payroll to Tax Returns and Busines Advisory and compliance. We're a one stop shop for all your accountancy needs.



6. What experience do you have? 


Our staff are all senior staff with a huge amount of business experience and skill-sets between the team. We take our clients' business very seriously and with our broad range of skills, we are able to respond to what they need. 



7. What do you think are the positive aspects of your job as an accountant?


The overall thing with accountancy is that you deal with a lot of people who are full of optimism, hope and aspirations for the future. They are passionate about their businesses and so when you are there, making sure that they are keeping everything in order for sustained growth - that is a big thrill.



8. What are the main difficulties in your job as an accountant?


The other side can be difficult with major economic downturns. The best thing to do in this situation however is being empathetic and kind when the going gets tough.


Having said that, it is important to be detached and give solid advice where needed.



9. How can you help people in a bad situation?


Just a dose of realism can be really helpful. If there is a business in a difficult situation, what we do is go back and examine the situation, restructure and give them a pathway out of it.



Part 4: Qualities & Skills of the accounting profession 



10. In your opinion, what traits are needed to be an effective accountant?


Being creative is a skill which is very important in accounting. What I mean by this is you have to look at all the potential opportunities that a client can benefit from present them with options.


So often, a client will start working with an accountant and they are not necessarily informed of all of the possibilities which might be available to them.


Whether you are starting a business, hoping to expand your business or in some cases closing or leaving your business there could be a whole range of tax advantages that a good accountant will advise you to consider. 



11. What advice would you give to someone starting in your industry?


Embrace technology and learn to think outside the box and take pride in what you do.



12. What advice what would give a new business?


Starting the business with a solid foundation is essential. This means choosing the right partners from the beginning qnd putting the right arrangements in place to deal with a host of unforeseen situations. This could include getting the remuneration package right from the beginning, making it fair for all parties involved but also, you need to have contingency plans in place in case things don’t go to plan.



Part 5: Developments when you are an accountant 



13. How do you see the accounting industry changing in the next few years?


I’d say that there is more regulation on the horizon, fewer one man bands in auditing because of regulation; Employment law changes could mean 4 days / week, a shortage of accountants in practice, keeping home grown talent here will be difficult.



Part 6 : Personal


  • Hobbies: Hanging out with my family and clay pigeon shooting.


  • Favourite Food: Steaks with pepper sauce but anything wholesome and healthy is always up my street.


  • Hidden Talents: Two double jointed thumbs - does that count? haha!

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